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Hey there!

I'm Casey, and I'm almost 30!
I run '' for just me, myself, and I.

I spend my time making art, playing games, taking pictures, writing songs, and getting lost in config files.

I like a whole bunch of things, including but not limited to:

I'm currently collecting:

Ask if you wanna know more!

Happy Birthday to the movie Hackers. It was released 27 years ago in 15 September 1995.

Very excited to get home and play more Nier Automata 😁 I got thru the first 30 minutes last night and I'm already obsessed.

so uh

paypal's changing their terms again to basically state plainly that they'll be using bots to scrape your websites and social media for TOS compliance. it specifies users who have paypal integrated into their site, but us longtime working freelancers know they've been snooping on us for a while

don't integrate paypal into your site. only do transactions with invoices. no excess info on those, ESPECIALLY if you do nsfw work

don't put paypal dot me links on your social media

"Don't live to work," is what capitalism tells us.

But it's adverse, "Don't work to live" is also BS.

They are both transactional, one exchanged for another.

Neither will free us.

Your password must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one forgotten rune, and one unspeakable horror

@ifixcoinops The other big effect is computer software being copyrightable. In the 1970s, no one knew if computer code could be copyrighted, but in the 1980s that became an issue. The courts looked back at the player piano situation: a player piano roll isn't that different than punch cards for a computer, a set of instructions for a machine to follow. And if a player piano roll falls under the 1909 copyright law, so does computer code.

So all software licensing also comes out of player pianos.

Work got crazy busy for a few minutes and now i'm stuck in "go mode". Just absolutely pacing back and forth, ready for anything.

I've been bad about talking on here lately, so hi, hello! I've really just been spending my time playing Diablo II and dreaming of 3D printers.


Went to the dispensary after work today (it's payday!) and apparently I still get my industry discount! I haven't worked in the industry in like 5 months (and it's been even longer since I worked for an affiliated brand with this dispo) but I wasn't gonna say anything heheh. I just tipped my budtender well and got the hell outta there 😅

Stray was so lovely I think I'll play it a few more times 😻

mh+, cannabis 

Self care today is getting hella stoned and playing that new cat-based video game.

It's my first day off since starting new job and i slept for 14 hours 😳

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